• The editor of choice for CNC programmers

    Cimco Edit-8

    CIMCO Edit 8 provides a comprehensive set of essential CNC editing tools, including block numbering, math functions, program translate/rotate mirror, file compare and CNC communication read more

  • Plug & Play Wireless DNC

    Digitech BT-100

    Practically Zero maint. cost as no cables
    No Software Settings in BT-100 Wireless
    BT-100 is Plug & Play Wireless Module
    Security is Stronger Than Wifi Network
    No need of any IP Address Settings

  • The professional choice for Manufacturing Data Collection

    CIMCO MDC-Max 8

    CIMCO MDC-Max provides powerful machine data collection and analysis capabilities to make this task easier, including overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total effective equipment productivity (TEEP) read more

  • Interface To CNC

    Pen Drive Interface to CNC

    Add external memory by any commercial USB Pen drive Compatible to most of the CNC Controllers. Communication parameters are settable Drip feed is supported. read more

  • CNC Program Management

    CIMCO NC-Base 7

    Management of part programs and associated production documents is often a time consuming task for CNC programmers and operators. read more

  • RS-232 Adapter

    Very effective diagnostic tool to check Serial Interface signals
    Red & Green Indicators for -12 Volts, & +12 Volts respectively.
    9 Pin to 25 Pin D type connectors for easy interfacing.

  • Digitech Isolator

    Optical Isolation for RS-232 Port. It gives safety to Serial Port of CNC Machine, from ground loops. It works on 240 V a. c. It is suitable for all CNC Controls which work with NC Code in ISO/EIA or ASCII format.
    read more

  • Portable, Battery Powered Hand Held Terminal

    DIGI-HHT 22

    CNC Code Loader Compatible to most CNC machines with RS-232 Edit, Send, & Receive functions. Designed for shop floor use with touch type key board Two RS-232 ports Software for down loading the files to PC is free. 2 MB User memory read more

About Us

Mr. Deepak Bodhani established DIGITECH ENGINEERS in way back in 1988.

The motto was to bring revolutionary changes in part program & data connectivity through the world class technology to Indian CNC Users. Read more


Business Partner of CIMCO in India & Middle East

Company Objectives

The objective of the firm is to offer “Complete Solution for connectivity of a computer to number of CNC machines” .

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